December 31, 2010

Maxwell Baumbach

Too Dark for Daylight

I am sorry
Mr. Sun

I know
you are only trying
to do your job

hear me out

no one thought to tell me
that he was dying

so if you will excuse me
I am going to close the blinds
and close my eyes
because the thoughts
that circle through my brain
like an abandoned carousel
are too dark for daylight

Left and New

I saw him
two days ago
but now
he is dead

I wonder
what they do
to his corpse
as they prepare it

what is left
of what used to be him
and what is new
that was not him before

I also wonder
what is left
of me


Maxwell Baumbach is a poet from Elmhurst, IL. He edits Heavy Hands Ink, has a youtube channel (, and likes sports. His first chapbook, Suburban Rhythm, was recently published by cc&d through Scars Publications. It is available as a free read.

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