December 16, 2010

J. Bradley


I ignore the feedback from the hearing aid in Jennifer's left ear as we lay on my bed, naked and ragged.  She nestles into the trench between my torso and right arm.

“I met this guy who's into me, into me into me, but he wants monogamy.  I'm not wired for that.  You might meet him if you come to the paint party this weekend.”  Jennifer's thumb reaches for her empty ring finger; I just trained mine to stop doing that.

I sigh, place my hands beneath the back of my head.  “I took someone out last weekend, someone I knew here and there for five years.  We kept running into each other at shows and we're finally single at the same time.  I can't stop thinking about her and I want to see where things go.  I'm making Cantonese at her place for her this weekend so I can't make it.  I hope you understand.”  I forget what it's like to be a museum of smiles; I keep it under wraps with the tarp of if's.

“I hope it works out for you.”  Jennifer cuddles a little harder, her hand grazing my Northeastern halogen skin; this is the most open, honest relationship I've ever had.


J. Bradley is the author of Dodging Traffic (Ampersand Books, 2009) and the author of the flash fiction chapbook The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is A Robot (Safety Third Enterprises, 2010). He is the Interview Editor of PANK and lives at

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