December 21, 2009

Jack T. Marlowe


exhausted, autumn
has just clocked out

her shift is over
but the workday
isn't over yet
for some of us

and the unshaven
sky bristles
with greybeard

and the leaves are
turning black

and wooden benches
creak their aching joints

as weathered hands
crack open and
bleed upon
cold cobblestones

an offering of
sangria over ice

or a shot of
red liqueur:

a tribute to
Old Man Winter, CEO
on the occasion of
his birthday.


Jack T. Marlowe is a working-class malcontent from Dallas, Texas. A writer of poetry and fiction, he is also a veteran of the open mic. His writing has appeared in Zygote in My Coffee, decomP, Red Fez, Word Riot, and elsewhere. Jack is also the editor of Gutter Eloquence Magazine.

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