September 11, 2009

Karen Sosnoski

Special Days


Irene never eats her apples. Of course she’s gone bald.

You told me no one dies until they’re ready. Sorry, but if Irene,
you, Daddy, and my brother want to die, I’ll just have to find
a new family. I don’t want to but...

I won’t be dying someday so little kids won't have to be nice
to me. I don’t even know Jesus. I’m not gonna live with him.

A nursing home? Gross! My old babysitter breast feeds? How
come they’re mostly women here? Irene better find a husband
to get her out.



Irene will love this. I made her hair almost as long as mine and
our hairs flow together. Sometimes she took me to a park and I
played with a girl there but now I don’t remember that girl’s
name or what she looked like. And we always played together.
No, it’s not too late to give my picture to Irene. It takes them
a while to get up there.

We don’t forget Irene but we’re happy anyway.

They put her in a pink dress?! I guess cuz it’s her special day.


Karen Sosnoski is a writer, filmmaker, and mother. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in decomP, Los Angeles Times, Poets and Writers, Pembroke Review, among other literary journals and anthologies. Her documentary film, Wedding Advice: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, is distributed by Berkeley Media. Her fierce daughter is a newly minted second grader and her friendly son is in preschool.

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