September 8, 2009

Ivan Jenson

My Manuscript

Look what happened
to the truth and the facts
and the past
I have processed it
purified it
and brought it
to poetic justice
look what has become
of my pleasure
and my pain
I have changed
the names and
shuffled the particulars
and made something
of what is forever gone
as it was...there was no form
as it was...there was no arc
as it was...there were only
chance meetings
chance love affairs
chance of rain
and no chance
for anyone to share
in the melodrama
but now when they
read my manuscript
I can safely
lie when I say
“Of course you know
none of this is true.”


Born in LA, Ivan Jenson was a prodigy in poetry and art. He moved to New York City where he received recognition and praise for his bold Pop Art. His Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and he has sold several works at Christie's New York. His poems have appeared Word Riot, Hidden City Quarterly, Thoughtsmith, Viral Cat, Poetic Desperation, and Bread & Circuses, among others.

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