September 25, 2009

Hattie Wilcox

—Photo Butterfly Cottonballs © 2009 by Hattie Wilcox

Kissing Lesson (If I Could See You)

If I could see you
I would give you a kissing lesson
And you would adore
The one-on-one messing
With my lips

If I could see you
I would play you piano melodies
And you would come in strong
At just the right bar
On guitar

If I could see you
I would waltz you through butterflies and cotton balls
Until you fell fast
Asleep in my clothes
Feet exposed

If I could see you
I would wash you in a candlelight bath
Bubbles and marijuana
And anything you might ask
Would be yours

If I could see you
I would feed you smoked ham and butter beans
And to your heart's content
You could slumber and snore
After sex

And I would never mind at all
If I could see you


Hattie Wilcox's love of poetry and piano led her to songwriting and the 2008 release of her debut CD, Red Bird Tattoo. She has won prize money for her lyrics and has lived to see her first royalty check. She continues to write poetry—her first love. Find out more here.

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