August 11, 2009

John Grey


you’ re naked
like I’m chasing the dog,
coining towards me,
flesh flapping like wings,
and I’m wondering
why the fuck you left
suddenly like that,
as you leap upon me,
securing my body like leather
and I’m out rushing through
dead streets, down wind-tunnel
alleys, listening for
that familiar yelp,
and you ride up and down
on my hardness
while I’m thinking
he’s never going to turn up
when suddenly I come
and there he is
diving into a trash can
like three fish heads
and a half eaten packet of bacon bits
is the way to freedom
and you’re licking me
and he’s licking me
and we’re all bundled up
and furry and pretending
that warm and cozy is the
same as glad to see each other


John Grey has been published recently in the Georgetown Review, Connecticut Review, South Carolina Review and The Pedestal, among others.

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