August 12, 2009

Jan Campana

Contemplating Life Pulling Weeds

I lose myself in an inexplicable reverie.
Who was Richard J. Andrews?
Born 1859–Died 1901.
Was he a farmer or a circuit rider?
I like to think he was a horse thief,
who sold the animals to feed
his ailing wife and six young children.
How did he die?
Was it influenza, a tragic accident or murder?
Endless possibilities come to mind as I
beautify his weathered plot.

If it were my headstone,
would anyone remember me:
a lonely student with a knack
for daydreaming and
a passion for the outdoors?
Or will my memory be lost
on another oily-faced teenager
contemplating community service hours?


Jan Campana lives in Raleigh, NC. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Californian, The News & Observer, Maternal Spark, Pens On Fire, Short Story Library, among others.

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