November 27, 2013

Caroline Shepard

Riding to the West Coast

Your train tracks will not be
thought of by people crossing
the country.

I will not think about
the small journey you take
every day, slat by slat.

Nor will I dream of you
pulling up each board,
unbolting the metal and building back

to cowboys in the living room,
to how we once were.

Blue Crab

My mother told me
I’d get into trouble
for not being able to
say no.

It was as if she
was telling a sad story
with no setting, no plot,
no characters. Just that
feeling of a yank—
like watching a crab be
pulled from the ocean floor.


Caroline Shepard is a teacher and poet in New York City. Her work has appeared in Construction Magazine, Freerange Nonfiction, The Cobalt Review, Eunoia Review and Promethean.

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