September 18, 2013

Leah Givens

The last drink we shared

Terrified purple bubbles
nothing's wrong, no nothing—

did you ever move back
to the beach? Jellyfish there
don't hurt as bad as you think.

Ginger can grow on you
if you're too sick of this world
I don't know if it's a plant
or a vine, but you could start a farm—
please, ruffle dirt with your nails
mess dress pants to learn
by hand—education has only
brought you closer to death.

My breath will be like
the wind, clear and fluid,
and we will flourish together.


Leah Givens is an M.D. specializing in medical research. Her writing has appeared in Sleet Magazine, Marco Polo, and The Yale Journal of the Humanities in Medicine, among others. She is revising a novel.

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