July 18, 2012

Margaret Shultz


Undeterred, the slink of cats
makes a humming below the
wires - at the end of the day,
all we have is the falter
of our hearts for a second
and then the carrying on.
The kinematics of a mouth:
Do you remember the way
my lips… do you remember
the way the tongue touches
the roof… I have forgotten
how to make shapes with
my teeth and my chin bobs
up and down.  I do not
know why.  A grass hopping.
A pouring.   We are the
over under youth.  We want
only sincerity.  We want only
a dignified insolvency.
Our soft palettes grow hard with
disuse and we live always in
the moment before the heart


Margaret Shultz lives in Iowa City, Iowa.

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Guilie Castillo said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing!