March 7, 2012

David Greenspan

which one of you holds my heart, a light beam?

a) the woman who sings smashing pumpkins. we are on the grass in her front yard, my head in her lap. chain smoke Marlboro reds until her voice sounds like hard skin on granite.

b) the last woman i slept with. as i was on top of her i thought moans could replace strong emotion. i was right, now she withers in a pond of our sweat.

c) the woman whose window i peer in. i watch her bowl of oranges. their basketball skin reminds of her goose bumps upon stepping from the shower and realizing i am here.

d) the woman who reads my poems and thinks yes, he has beauty but can i fix it?

e) all of the above.


David Greenspan is a student living in South Florida. His work has appeared in Mud Luscious, NAP and Red Lightbulbs, among others, and a chapbook is forthcoming from NAP. He has a pet rat named Annette whom he loves very much. Find David online at

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