September 14, 2011

Peycho Kanev


“The beauty will save the world,”
someone screamed in my ear, and
I looked toward the horizon
at some hint of rain.
The living goes with the living,
and the dead goes with the dead–
This is the philosophy of life
that we never fully understand.
My time will come,
and your time will come,
and we will see the truth at the end,
but until that happens let’s look at
the painter who’s drawing that dog,
which looks like it will open its


Peycho Kanev lives in Chicago. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and his writing has appeared in more than 400 literary magazines.  Walking Through Walls, a short story collection, and American Notebooks, a poetry collection, were published in Bulgaria. His latest collection of poems is Bone Silence, published in 2010 by Desperanto, NY.

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