October 20, 2010

Suzy Devere


I will write it down, this fear—this dread—so it can remind me,
when i'm rattling off
the long list of things i want
that none of it is what i need

not the shoes or dresses
purses, flowers, windows, doors
definitely not the liquor
perfumed soaps
or drugs

what i need is to ditch this fear

like i knew enough to ditch you.


like a serrated knife
when you're under it


black handle like a mountain
crowding out the sun

but next to
or on top of

it glistens and shines.
it's a beautiful modern day woman's
blessing and disguise.

still, underneath?

well, it's bloody down here.


Suzy Devere appears and disappears seemingly at will. She could be camping in the underground right now, or back in Pattaya, sitting in a rattan chair in a bar overlooking the harbor, having drinks with some old ghosts of Vietnam.

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