August 15, 2010

Rachel J. Fenton


On shore in the dark—
not night—
two thousand miles
between us; ocean flicks
its tongue.

Pick a shell,
lift it to my ear; it sighs
into me.

And there is sand between my toes.


“Doing quiet somersaults
thinking of you”;

I have run away
with your circus.


He'd never managed to fix your tap
and his car set tongues wagging
but he saved your life

though all you can report is that you saved his.

You knew it was a heart attack
when his plumb line went flat

but your husband wasn't convinced
it was necessary to remove the plumber's
trousers to give him mouth to mouth.


Rachel J. Fenton is a writer who paints and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Her flash "Rogue Trading" was shortlisted for The Fish One Page Prize. More about her can be found at

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