May 2, 2010



Because something spilled on the hardwood floors and I knew your back was already sore, so I offered to mop it up. And you replied, “We don’t need you in here.”

Because when you come home after a long day and shuffle past me without a hello or a smile, you still have the energy for a welcome hug for the kids.

Because when I call you for supper, you will sit at the table with a sigh of disapproval. It’s 5:45 pm. Dinner is 15 minutes late.

Because that quarter of an hour will be harped upon for at least a week.

Because when I am crying you will pretend you don’t see or hear me.

Because when I reach for you in bed, you will pull away as though electrocuted, mumbling at the early hour you must get up.

Because when I am sick, you will be angry.

Because that kind of control gets you off.

Because that’s what you’re made of.

That’s why I cheat.


Thinkingtoohard is super-sassy, a smart girl who walks with a hint of a swagger. She is the original Storm Goddess and also the girl next door. She has killer intuition—and way too many dogs. Once upon a time, she was actually paid to write.

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