May 19, 2010

James Lloyd Davis

Being Picasso

His full name? Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. No man with a name like that could ever do anything in a small way. Neither could he be anyone but an overpowering, vital, and inimitable force in whatever world he chooses as his own. Picasso chose art.

I will now attempt to become Picasso. Stepping into the persona of such an enormously powerful luminary may be too great a task for any mortal man, but for the sake of art and knowledge I will now apply the Stanislavski method in the more powerful literary sense and become Picasso. To my knowledge, this particular application of a process normally used on the stage has never been attempted previously and the possible effects are not really understood.

I will now try slipping into the essence of Picasso for whatever period of time my psyche will permit.


I am Picasso.

Please. You will be seated.

I will not discuss art. Nor will I touch upon politics. Yes, I was a Communist. No, I was not a Communist. The relevance of either condition must remain the petty consideration of my biographers.

I am Picasso.

I will not discuss women. They love me. They hate me. They will always talk about Picasso. How could they not? The form of women is worthy of oils, but I must be kind and refrain from discussing them. I enjoy them. I despise them. Let the petty gossips of history debate the ecstasies of impertinent moments.

I am Picasso.

I will not discuss my fellow artists. Their opinions belong where they are valued. My opinions, however, will not save them. They copy, they borrow, they steal from Picasso, but they are not Picasso.

I am Picasso.

I will not debate the relevance of pacifism, nor defend or deny the accusations of those who have decried my lack of involvement in the cause of liberty when the fascists threatened the freedom of the entire world. I painted, I cast bronze, I survived so many wars. Let those who judge do what they will.

I am Picasso.

What more is there to say?

You may applaud now. After will leave.


Being Picasso has left me entirely drained, so I must now lie down. It is also dangerous. Please don't try this at home.


James Lloyd Davis, a veteran and former electrician, shipfitter, pipefitter, boilermaker, ironworker and engineer, lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He has returned to writing after a long absence and is currently working on a novel. He blogs occasionally and experiments with various forms and styles.

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