April 22, 2010


There Is No Plural For Sorry

Which is funny because I’ve received three of them in one week so there MUST be a plural form of sorry but I get a red underline no matter how I type it.

All of the sorry(s) I get are from men. Some don’t say the word, some just laugh and stammer. Some say the word and hug over the place they just hurt. Others simply imply by leaping on my chest and burying their face into my breasts.

Three sorries do not a mountain make, but maybe they do because they are not crumpled balls of paper, they are meaningful for whatever prompted, for whatever came before. You cannot tell me three car crashes are not a lot or three child molestations is an insignificant number.

I will not answer your
text message

Fuck that shit

How do I collect people
that feel the need to shit on me?

Just lucky, I guess


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