March 31, 2010

Suzy Devere

fixation with here

the hum of the air conditioner keeps me company when you're away and the sound of the crickets is the sound of your fingers on the keyboard in the next room while i sleep. there is no food network in my world and i don't like reality tv. you're just away for a little while, and then you'll be back. i make sure there's room for you in bed and take the big pillow off your side as well as mine. i've got a few empty drawers for your things. i imagine you. i invent you. i don't know you. you aren't coming back. you've never been here. everything lately involves the word "here" and i think that means that sense of place for me is tied to a word, which is itself transient.


Suzy Devere appears and disappears seemingly at will. She could be camping in the underground right now, or back in Pattaya, sitting in a rattan chair in a bar overlooking the harbor, having drinks with some old ghosts of Vietnam.

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