March 3, 2010

Glenn Lyvers


He was 3 years old when I unloaded,
Flailing my arms like a cinema cliché,
Spanking and reciting…

A smack with eve-ry an-gry syll-a-ble.

It happened all at once – I became like my mother,
as though I were programmed to rerun,
And after…he looked at me like I was a stranger.

That night he flinched when I tucked him in.

For the price of a broken VCR,
I taught him to fear me –
to trust me less than the dog.

Dear Lord, - Rewind.


Glenn Lyvers is the author of Glenn Lyvers Midwest Collection, available on Amazon. Glenn recently won a Wolfson Award from Indiana University and Best Poet 2009 from Midwest Literary Magazine. He is also the current editor of Poetry Quarterly at

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