February 18, 2010

Sarah Savage

What I've Always Wanted

We spend a long weekend in the Adirondacks,
Snuggling in a lakeside B&B
And holding hands in the Lake Placid shops,
Buying a wooden windowsill mouse and blue ceramic mugs.
It's the most romantic vacation we've taken together.

But it's $10 CVS sunglasses that choke me up.
Checking himself out in the rearview mirror,
He is pleased, not because he looks mysterious, tough, or young in
them ­ although he does,
Not because they block the sun well ­ although they do.
These sunglasses are so cool, he says.
I can see you reflected in the lenses.

And just like that, I realize I have what I've always wanted ­
Not an expensive weekend away,
Not a guy who looks good in shades,
But a love from him that runs so deep it saturates even his sunglasses.


Sarah Savage is a horsewoman and an avid hiker currently living
in New York. She usually writes to make sense of her outdoor
experiences and to share them with others, but this piece is really
just for Tom.

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