January 12, 2010

Steve Calamars

a victimless crime

this cat-burglar in a
cat-suit and black stilettos

slipped thru an open
window and caught me
in my boxers in the
kitchen of a tiny

she slipped me outta'
my shorts and clutched
onto the family jewels

down on her knees
she got what she came
for and slipped back
out the window
before i could even
mount a respectable

the only evidence she
was even ever here

were the scratches on
my thighs and the
lipstick smudges
she left along my


Steve Calamars lives in San Antonio, TX. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and works in a grocery store. His first poetry chapbook, American Violence, will be released April 2010 from New Polish Beat. He blogs here.

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