January 22, 2010

Anthony Liccione

from the whores, pimps, drugs and bars

much of this doesn't exist anymore,
the ammunition to keep that pen firing,
such a place where you could buy powder
for 15 cents to kill someone
and then your nose,
is now bulldozed, replaced with
a new building called Little Paris,
don't know what touristy
shit they sell... but they say
his name echoes up from the ground, but

every time I buy some food
at Zankou Chicken,
I have to drive by Buk's old
apartment a block away.
too bad he moved to San Pedro.
what a waste.
to be away from
the whores, pimps, drugs and bars,
but I guess even guys like him
want a nice place by the sea
when they get old.


Anthony Liccione lives in Texas with his two children. His poems have appeared in several print and online journals, and he has four collections of poetry books.

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