January 8, 2010


1957 publicity photo for Jailhouse Rock

The King & I

I asked my mom to write a paragraph about when she met Elvis. Here it is:

1957—Elvis was gonna appear at the (San Francisco) Civic Center Auditorium (tickets $2.75 and $3.75) the day before myself and 2 girlfriends went to the Mark Hopkins Hotel and asked for Colonel Parker's room Went up to the room and talked to Tom Disken (El's road manager). He told us to meet Col Parker at the side of the stage before the show. We did and were escorted backstage where there was a press conference (I'd say about 12 of us fan club girls and maybe 12 newspaper people.) Elvis came in and sat on a table in front of us where we could all ask him questions. Then when that was finished we could go get autographs and ask for the obligatory kiss. He was 23 and really adorable back then, before the Vegas Elvis took over. He'd be 75 today. The end!

Then I asked, “How were you feeling during it and when you got the kiss specifically?” And she said:

I LOVED him. How do you think I felt?! I was like a tween and he was like a David Pattison (?) or the Jonas Bros. (?) Just upset I only had one flashbulb (yes, I know I'm old) and could only take one picture.

Then I asked how old she was when this happened and she said:

1957 would've made me 14. Now you're beginning to dig too deep. Are you thinking you’re his illegitimate love child or something?


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