December 18, 2009

Steve Calamars

psychotic break

these girls with
these asses

thick, juicy and phat

stuffed into jeans, skirts
and spandex

jiggling when they walk
down the street

bouncing when they run
on the treadmill at the gym

popping when they climb
a flight of stairs

these girls with
these asses

are leaving me with
no other options

but to start looking into
real estate with white
padded walls and foam
floor carpeting

and shopping around for
a plastic black helmet and a
gently-used, but still in good
condition, off-white


Steve Calamars lives in San Antonio, TX. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and works in a grocery store. His first poetry chapbook, American Violence, will be released April 2010 from New Polish Beat. He blogs here.

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