November 14, 2009

Jim Harrington


“You can't go out wearing that skirt.”

“Why not?”

“It's no bigger than a Band-aid.”

“It's what everyone's wearing.”

“You're not everyone. You're my daughter.”


“You're not going to the movie dressed like that. Go change.”

“But, Jeff will be here any minute.”

“He'll wait.”

“We'll be late.”

“Late, or not at all. Your choice.”

“Mom would let me go.”

“Your mother's not here.”

“Maybe she would be if you weren’t such a control freak.”

“And maybe she left because she started wearing Band-aid sized skirts. Now go change...please?”


Jim Harrington lives in Huntersville, NC, with his wife and two cats. His stories have appeared in Every Day Fiction, Bent Pin Quarterly, Long Story Short, Flashshot and others. He currently serves as a flash fiction editor for Apollo’s Lyre. You can read more of his stories at

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