October 14, 2009

Seth Jani

A Poem about Wind

I believe in the metaphor of wind,
The thought that we are circling through
Our lives
With the same quiet passion
That blows newsprint through the night,
With the same subtle violence
That makes the thrashing of the trees
A kind of music.

I imagine what peculiar lightness comes
After traveling for centuries across the sea,
Having picked clean the bones of mammoths,
Snuffed the first, feeble flames,
Seen generations
With all their precious battles
Reduced to rumor.

I dream of how I want my heart to be
Like those solar gusts
Shooting off the sun.
Unsettling satellites.
Lighting the wake of comets.
Dancing across the distant north
As though it were a burning breath
From the bellows of the universe.


Seth Jani is founder and editor-in-chief of Seven Circle Press and EarthSpeak Magazine. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Holly Rose Review, Heroin Love Songs, and Shoots And Vines.

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