October 30, 2009

Rebecca Raskin

So What: A Love Poem

You came carrying
anachronistic bundles,

heirloom lettuce, soft cheeses,
crumbling rinds like ancient plaster,
and bricks of homemade bread.

You let us speak of density,
of a past we always live,
of a marriage long over, yes,
and getting better.

You tenderized frozen chicken
until it glistened.
How did you dislodge that pepper from the broken mill?
You let it all sit. So what.

I sliced the avocado.

Did I dream you standing beside me with your hand on my hand
just the slightest pressure—your wrist on top of mine—
a single plane,
helping me guide the knife
through the sweet green flesh?


Rebecca Raskin is an attorney who is taking some time off to explore her passions, which include musical theater, poetry, and people. She lives in Burlington, Vermont, with her husband and two little girls.

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