October 9, 2009

Diane Boisvert

Twenty-five Pictures

Just twenty-five pictures
on this wall.
Extracting glimmer from the past.

A twinkle that expands
beyond the vast background
into the universe of emotion.

A gold bracelet stands out
with the smiles.

Unified children. Separate
but not equal to the older ones.

Tastefully collaged.

Images that reality has abandoned.

Memories that belong to someone.
More pictures are somewhere.
With other memories.

Births and funerals—weddings and joy.
Turmoil that spoils it all.

Perfect matches.
Not so perfect retractions of covenant

Fantasy would work just as well.
The equation has no mathematical
formula. Chance and disasters are
part of the scene.


Diane Boisvert lives in Malta, New York. Her work has appeared in Flask and Pen and Psychopoetica.

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