September 27, 2009


Tuesday Afternoon

The house is so hot. Los Angeles has been baking in the nineties the last two days. I walk around relishing breezes from open doors, windows.

I have no pants on.

My tongue peels skin off the roof of my mouth. I'm not sure what I did there. I don't remember eating hot pizza.

I am still trying to put a respectable dent into the jug of Gallo wine. If I had a camera, I'd take a picture of it and insert it at this point.

Today I still have a job, but my paycheck has been reduced by 10%. I should be happy about this I guess...having a job. Right?

Tomorrow I go to a cancer ward full of children. I will hand them toys and hopefully they will smile. I keep wondering what I should wear for this; blue, I think.


xTx will sizzle away most of the rest of her week here.

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