September 14, 2009


In My Favor

I hate when all the girls like you
I hate it all caps
exclamation point

There is a circle they make
and they dance naked around you
pointing to their crotches
then at you
then at their crotches
I can’t see your face
but I imagine you are smiling
You can’t see me
because I’m way in the back
always in the back
too shy to dance naked
too proper to crotch point

My false mouth.

I would like to run and push them
all down
and grab you
and erase your brain
and fill it with only me
Nobody else should want you
or see your beauty
because when you know that
there will be no chance
for me

If your only choice
is one…
is me…
I have a 100% chance
of success


xTx is finally on top. She is widely published and blogs here.

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