September 30, 2009

J. D. Riso

The Mirror

"Which, after all, is the more real, the one that mirrors itself or the mirror that it uses"—Carl Jung

As it lay in self-inflicted shards,
trod upon by oblivious boots,
ground down to dust,
the mirror reflected
upon the admiring glances
and endearments
it had received in its long lifetime ­
I love you
I hate you
you gorgeous creature
you're the man
you still look damn good.

One can only take so many lies.

—An earlier version appeared in 55 Words


J. D. Riso's novel, Blue, was published by Murphy's Law Press, 2006. Her short fiction and travel writing have appeared in Avatar Review, Superstition Review, and many others. She was last seen wandering Eastern Europe in the company of a Frenchman and a big brown rabbit.

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