August 27, 2009


Drunk (Enough To Enjoy) Public Dancing

I judge the numbness in my skull like I’m thumping a melon. Thump. Thump. Thump. Hmmm. I think I’m there. I think I’ve been there. I think the last four glasses of wine were not necessary.


The sun has long broken or maybe it’s the moon, or what happens in between and every face is strange which makes it easier. Nobody to know you. Nothing you need to care about.

I take off my shoes.

And at first, it’s like a swimming pool with me naked doing laps and the building faces with windows many like a crowd of eyes people staring but the grace I’m displaying with every liquid turn invokes beauty and they take the elevator down to the first floor and one by one remove their clothes and swim beside me. I am out of breath but still continue.

My chest a pufferfish. My scalp a pregnant sponge.

Then we all move together, as one, naked, a complete body, with hands and arms, faces, chins and shins. The music unites us and my skull with its numb hum…lights blurring past in neon stripes; a car chase.

I spin, eyes closed, smiling. My dad takes my hands and spins me faster. I can’t hear anything he says, but I know it’s stupid and so I laugh. Free.


xTx has a mundane office job. She won't say where. But in real life, she writes. Her frequently controversial work has been published in many of the edgier venues on the web. Her fans follow her from place to place, excited by writing that is in heat. If you get a chance to hear her read, you will be astonished that her sweet, feminine voice can say such things. She also blogs, often with equally outrageous zest, here.

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