August 3, 2009

Brandon S. Roy

On Death

I once knew a woman that died three times.
I asked her, "Does it hurt to die?"
She said, "No, it's the people that keep
bringing you back that's a pain."

Bloody Fingertips

I prick my fingers, with a safety pin, when I'm sad.
I believe I do it do see if I can still feel.

I sit and push as much blood out as I can.
I sometimes write in my notebook with my fingers.

I'll write out an idea or a poem
Then I'll cry

Writing really is blood and tears
but mostly blood

Busy Mom's Suicide Note

Family - I left supper on the stove. You may want to warm it up.

Greg - I took care of all the arrangements. Your good suit is at the cleaners; the ticket's on the island in the kitchen.

Jamie - Don't forget your violin lesson - Thursday.

Scott - Be sure to take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer.

P.S. - Peroxide will probably get that blood out of the carpet.


Brandon S. Roy lives in Louisiana. His work has appeared in a numerous journals, including the Ottawa Arts Review, Loch Raven Review, Origami Condom, Pedestal Magazine and Pocket Change.

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