July 3, 2009

Rebecca Gaffron

Lysander: an apology to my wife

I confess,
wrote my fantasies down in a journal
me and your friend Lettie
wet and wild, like kids
who think they’ve got it so good,
not knowing what it feels like when the earth shakes
and two really do make one,
or four.

And I’ve been
like Lysander. Lost
without a trace
or explanation, here but gone,
while you wait
for someone you thought you knew to reach out his hand,
to forge ahead,
not escape into printed page
or glowing screen.


Rebecca Gaffron is a mother, former teacher and writer who recently traded the lush valleys and rolling hills of her native central Pennsylvania for a wind-swept barn in Britain. Her work has appeared in The Cynic, The Salt River Review, SNReview, Literary Tonic, Sniplits, among others.

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