April 16, 2010

C.P. Stewart

The Telephone Call

I dig out the photographs.
Frozen faces.
Some serious,
some smiling.
The much loved,
and the peripheral.
Gone now.
The list grows longer.
Endings known.
Deaths–date and manner.
Her glass fell
and her head lolled sideways.
Out like a light, he said.

It was my birthday too–
You couldn’t write it.
I roll another cigarette, reach for my drink.

The Search Party

Better days?
Yes, we have seen them.
Sometime back,
they passed this way.
A multitude, one April evening,
dressed in their fine bright coats
and singing.
Did they know that you were coming?
Run, we said, and don’t look back.


C.P. Stewart lives with his family in North Yorkshire. Formerly singer and songwriter with the cult band Laughing Gravy, his poetry has been widely published in England, Canada and the United States. He is currently the poetry editor of Sotto Voce. His poetry volume, Taking it In, is available here.

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